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State Retirees Association of South Carolina

Board members listed below were elected under the Old Constitution that established three-year terms. 

Board members elected after April 30, 2014, will serve two-year terms.


(Updated January 29, 2016)




Term Expiring June  30, 2016

Sam Griswold – 1st Term

Ruth Seigler – 1st Term


Term Expiring June  30, 2017

Lester Blackwell 1st Term

David Crockett 2nd Term

Howard Duvall – 1st Term*

Parker Evatt – 3rd Term

Stephen King – 2nd Term

Leon Love – 1st Term

Marcus Mann 1st Term

Kay Mitchell 1st Term

Jeff Moore – 1st Term


Term Expiring June 30, 2018 

Robin Koon DeFreese 1st Term

Allen Gantt 2nd Term

Mary Heatherly 1st Term

Becky Martin 1st Term

Tom Paige 1st Term

Lina Pearson 1st Term

Sadie Wanamaker 1st Term


Resigning effective June 30, 2016 






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